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Will Fink


Player Bio:
From a young age Will has always had a fascination with music and has since made a life’s goal of becoming a career musician.

Starting in classical and gospel, moving to bluegrass, then back to classical, jazz, rock and everything else in college, Will has played in almost every musical situation he could find on a variety of instruments: including: Piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, bass, flute, mandolin, drums; as well as vocals.

As a champion of several fiddle, mandolin, guitar and flute competitions, Will strives to find the right balance between technique and entertainment performing to hundreds a night. From 2009-13 he was a house entertainer at Rosie O Grady”s dueling piano show in Seville Quarter Pensacola, Fl. In the summer of 2013 Will was introduced to new styles at Rum Runners with locations in Destin, FL and Panama City Beach, FL.

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