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"DJ 40 oz"

Playing Since:

Favorite Song:
Montell Jordan “This Is How We Do It”

Favorite Musical Genre:
Top-40 and House

Favorite Moment While Performing:
DJing for more than 20,000 people at the City of Raleigh’s event “Raleigh Wide Open” in 2010 while fireworks were going off from 200 feet behind me. I had not prepared enough music for the whole fireworks display, so I ended up free-styling it for about 20 minutes. The crowd loved it. Everybody was dancing in the streets of Raleigh. It was quite a rush.

Player Bio:
"DJ 40 oz." has been WOWing crowds for over two decades. From house parties, to special DJ festivals, to residences at major nightclubs, "DJ 40 oz." has ROCKED THE PARTY for almost every type of crowd. Beginning his DJing career in Boone, NC while attending Appalachian State University, "DJ 40 oz." played for various events, such as sorority and fraternity parties as well as weddings and corporate events. He progressed to DJing at nightclubs, which is where he found his passion: Rocking the crowd at a nightclub became his favorite format to DJ.

Having worked as a DJ since 1990, "DJ 40 oz.” has acquired a vast knowledge of many styles of music, from hip-hop to house music, and top-40 to many underground genres. His extensive familiarity with so much music plus his unique ability to read and understand a crowd, allows "DJ 40 oz." to play a unique set of songs for every crowd, based on how he perceives their reactions to the songs he plays, in addition to the requests that they make.

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