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DJ Mark T

Playing Since:

Favorite Song:
Billie Jean...Michael Jackson

Favorite Musical Genre:
Hip Hop & R&B

Favorite Moment While Performing:
When I opened up for Snoop Dogg @ The Lincoln Theatre and I had the whole crowd sing the words to "Poison" by B.B.D

Player Bio:
Brooklyn born and raised , grew up listening to Disco, Hip hop, Funk , Soul & Pop. I have always been fascinated by the DJ !! I finally one day walked into Guitar Center and said "Set me up" !! The next day I went out and bought $250 worth of records ( Vinyl ) and started practicing. I had the great fortune to meet a DJ in NY DJ Jam Jay who was established and taught me how to "beat mix" . After MANY MANY days/nights of practicing i got my first chance to play out at a restaurant for a 15 minute set with a local DJ named Dorian Gray. He and i played together at a couple venues for about 2 years and I met more DJ's who kind of showed me the ropes.

I moved down to North Carolina in 2004 and met DJ Joe Bunn the first week here at Bogarts, he asked to me to "fill in " for 15 minutes while he replaced a busted speaker....that 15 mins turned into 3 1/2 years of us rocking EVERY Thursday night at Bogarts. I have done numerous weddings & clubs here in Raleigh and continue to do so at Rum Runners which is an awesome club with great patrons who love ALL types of music.

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