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Clark Kent

Favorite Song:
Johnny B. Goode

Favorite Musical Genre:
Boogie Woogie

Favorite Moment While Performing:
Standing on the pianos! I love to stand on the pianos!

Player Bio:
Joshua is actually a nutrition/exercise consultant in disguise. He travels the globe giving presentations about healhty diet and exercise, realizing dreams, as well as raising awareness for organic farming and green construction. He works with high profile clients to help them loose weight and reach many other goals they may have in mind. He also happens to be an AWESOME dueling piano player, and finds a ton of joy playing at Rum Runners with all his dueling friends!

He has lived all over the country and performed and spoke in many cities including San Diego, Orlando, Raleigh, Las Vegas, NYC, Orange Beach, AL, Pheonix AZ, Maui, HI. His first night in dueling pianos was New Years Eve of 2009 at Rum Runners Raleigh. Since then he has played for many Rum Runners locations and loves to share the stage with the other Rum Runners players!

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