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jared wood


Playing Since:
I've been playing over 20 years

Favorite Song:
"In the End" by Linkin Park

Favorite Musical Genre:
classic rock

Favorite Moment While Performing:
Certainly my most memorable moment performing was during a solo on "Great Balls of Fire" when I slid across the top of my partner's piano and brought the whole thing (piano and show) crashing down. That was my first week playing at Rum Runners.

Player Bio:
Jared began playing regularly for church at the age of 12. Since then, he has been involved in over 20 musical theater productions, including several at his alma mater, Duke University. He was the rehearsal pianist/production keyboardist for the 25th anniversary production of Ira David Wood's A Christmas Carol at Raleigh Memorial (no relation), and he has music directed several productions at the Nash Arts Center in Nashville, NC, where he remains active.

Jared spent his 21st birthday at a dueling piano bar and has loved dueling pianos ever since. He joined the staff at Rum Runners in the summer of 2010. Check him out at, where you can find some of his original work!

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