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Big Ben

Playing Since:
Before you were born

Favorite Song:
Too many to name

Favorite Musical Genre:
Norwegian Folk Songs

Favorite Moment While Performing:
When the crowd goes silent in awe and then erupts..ah, you get the point.

Player Bio:
Ben Michaels (aka The Musical Gym Rat, aka Benny Upgrades, aka Benny Late Fees, aka Christo) played his first song, "A Russian Lullabye", on the piano when he was 3 years old. He learned it by ear, which is how he's learned 90% of his repertoire ever since. Ben began his Dueling Pianos career at Smelly Holes, in Atlanta in 1993. Since then, he's performed at and/or managed such places as Screaming Baboon, Sing Sing, and even a couple of years out in Las Vegas working for the world famous Smack my Bitch Productions and headlining the only 7 Star property on the Strip, The Stugazzo Hotel Resort and Casino.
Ben is also internationally known; in Europe, he lent his considerable talents to both Whacky Bananas and The Bathroom Tub.
Most recently, Ben worked for the now defunct Skeets Dueling Piano Bar...the closing of which was a blessing in disguise, because it brings The Musical Gym Rat back to the stunningly beautiful Florida Panhandle, and back into the Rum Runners family! He's looking forward to this exciting new chapter, and can't wait to bring his personal style of kick-ass rockin and Rollin to both San Destin and Panama City Beach. Come on out...and get yer rocks off, y'all :)

Personal Quote: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

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