• Joel Randolph

    Joel Randolph


    Started singing at age 3 in church choir, piano at age 10. Started playing professionally when 15 rock and country bands. Toured the country for 10 years then settled at Rum Runners Lansing in... read more

  • Greg Cloninger (2)

    Greg Cloninger

    "El Grego"

    Originally from Dallas, NC, Greg has been playing piano since he was in second grade. He still hasn’t figured out which end you’re supposed to blow into…

    His favorite... read more

  • Will Fink

    Will Fink


    From a young age Will has always had a fascination with music and has since made a life’s goal of becoming a career musician.

    Starting in classical and gospel, moving to bluegrass, then... read more

  • JonA

    Jonathan Ansley


    Jonathan has been entertaining audiences from coast to coast and every in-between through out the U.S. for well over a decade.

    I always play to the audience not at them. Performance at... read more

  • facebook_-1299878419

    Brad Thoreson


    Brad was born and raised in Valley City, North Dakota. Coming from a family with music in his blood, music has always been a vital part of his life. He began playing by ear at the age of four and... read more

  • DJ40oz_2011-08-24_45599

    Thom Dunn

    ""DJ 40 oz""

    “DJ 40 oz.” has been WOWing crowds for over two decades. From house parties, to special DJ festivals, to residences at major nightclubs, “DJ 40 oz.” has ROCKED THE PARTY... read more

  • ashton

    Ashton Wolf


    Player Bio: Ashton has played at various Rum Runner locations including Destin (FL), Wilmington (NC), Raleigh (NC) and Mishawaka (IN). For the first six months of 2005 he played the dueling piano... read more

  • kilt (2)

    Ben Michaels

    "Big Ben"

    Ben Michaels (aka The Musical Gym Rat, aka Benny Upgrades, aka Benny Late Fees, aka Christo) played his first song, “A Russian Lullabye”, on the piano when he was 3 years old. He... read more

  • 19469_103392029687254_1970515_n

    Bill Witherington

    "Wild Bill"

    Born in Paducah, KY, Bill started playing the trombone at the age of 10. In 1976, he moved with his family to Indiana, where he attended and graduated from Carmel High School. He was awarded a... read more

  • dan headshot 2012

    Dan Louisell

    "Ol' McGreggor"

    Dan Louisell is a member of the mammalia class. Like all mammals, he is an air-breathing vertebrate characterized by the possession of endothermy, hairy skin, and three middle ear bones. The... read more

  • dewpendleton

    Dew Pendleton


    Born in Alabama and raised on the family farm, you might expect to find
    him as country as that all sounds, but it is only a small part of the
    puzzle that creates Dew’s unique sound.... read more

  • ericforbisprofilepic

    Eric Forbis


    I grew up in a small town outside of Charlotte, and started singing as soon as I could talk. I learned everything I know about music from my Dad who has been a High School Choir Director for 35... read more

  • george winters

    George Winters

    "Smokin George"

    My Dad was a B3 salesman, and I had access to instruments at a young age. Played my whole life, did the band thang & then raised my kids doin’ a single. I guess that’s why i love... read more

  • jared wood

    Jared Wood


    Jared began playing regularly for church at the age of 12. Since then, he has been involved in over 20 musical theater productions, including several at his alma mater, Duke University. He was the... read more

  • ResizedImage951341796908275 (2)

    Jason Brady

    "Jason B"

    Jason was born and raised in the Rock-N-Roll capital of the world, Cleveland, Ohio. At the tender age of five he began working as a musician with his father in local venues and events. His first... read more

  • Jeff_P

    Jeff Paschall


    Originally from VA Beach, VA Jeff has called North Carolina home since the age of 18. Jeff has played in numerous bands since the age of 16 and recorded his first album in 1996 with The... read more

  • johntaylorpic

    John Taylor


    Born and raised in Wayne County, NC, John dreamed of becoming a cartoonist until he was bitten by the music bug. Although largely self-taught, he attended music classes at Wayne Community College... read more

  • Jonny Ellis - 1

    Jonny Ellis

    "Deaf Jonny"

    Music is in my blood! I’ve been playing piano professionally for over 20 years, and I’ve been dueling or 13. Drums, fiddle, vocals and piano are all a regular part of my performance.... read more

  • 324481_10150404581197990_532782989_10118954_27992561_o

    Joshua Hamilton

    "Clark Kent"

    Joshua is actually a nutrition/exercise consultant in disguise. He travels the globe giving presentations about healhty diet and exercise, realizing dreams, as well as raising awareness for... read more

  • Lori Crane Pic

    Lori Crane

    "Lori "

    Lori began classical piano training at the age of five. By age nine, she was the church pianist and toured the Midwest with a gospel group, She has toured extensively around the world with a... read more

  • 2008-11-08 Grand Piano Bistro (5)

    Michael McCaslin


    Started as a wedding DJ in high school, went on to work as a solo ‘one man band’ act through college at Michigan State University studying music. Recruited for dueling pianos in 2001... read more

  • head shot (2)

    Mike Johnson

    "Mikey J"

    Mikey has been with Rum Runners for a number of years and still loves calling the gulf coast of Florida home.

    read more
  • Nate Rocking at Rucker

    Nathaniel Sangsland


    I started playing and singing in church as a child. I became a music major in college studying vocal performance. I then enlisted in the Army for 4 years. I was stationed in Germany, Texas and... read more

  • IMG_6108

    Nicholas Pearson


    Starting my music education in high school, I played in Jazz band, marching band, and concert band. I used to drum on pots and pans as a little kid a lot too. Born and raised in Daytona Beach, FL.... read more

  • noel leaman

    Noel Leaman


    Noel Leaman is a Saginaw Mi, native. Son of Piano teacher, Grandson of a Violinist and Celloist. Started playing drums and piano at age 3. Composed music at age 10. Performed in various bands... read more

  • normbw

    Norm Hastings


    I’ve been playing piano since I was 8. Started playing in churches and a couple of college bands, then started playing professionally in 2003 when I moved to Mobile, AL. Currently I play in... read more

  • patraymakerprofile

    Patrick Raymaker


    Patrick Raymaker is a multi-instrumentalist and has played the piano since the age of 4. He started singing at the age of 7. At the age of 18, he received a scholarship to attend the famed Berklee... read more

  • Crooner Paul at RR

    Paul Bickel


    Paul Bickel has been worked at Rum Runners since February 2006, at the Mishawaka, South Bend, Fort Wayne, and Lansing clubs.

    In his spare time, he is a full-time band director at Western... read more

  • photo

    Mark Toney

    "DJ Mark T"

    Brooklyn born and raised , grew up listening to Disco, Hip hop, Funk , Soul & Pop. I have always been fascinated by the DJ !! I finally one day walked into Guitar Center and said “Set... read more

  • DP Promo Photo

    Paul Therrell


    I started my professional music career in 1980 (as a complete amateur!), and over the last 3 decades have worked my way up to being the most nearly famous person in music. ; )

    On the... read more

  • 190221_1724615927298_1603425_n

    Rob Legere


    I discovered my passion for music at an early age. I started playing in church when I was around 12 years old. I then moved on to playing local bars and restaurants around 18. I have been... read more

  • scott

    Scott Rockwood


    Scott Rockwood began playing guitar at age 11. In 1996, a year after graduating from High School, he co-founded a band that wrote music, recorded and toured for the following fifteen years. In... read more

  • shawn

    Shawn Hartung


    Shawn began playing and singing at an early age and was very active in dance, choir and musical theater in school. She taught elementary music for six years in the Missouri public school system... read more

  • TimHunt

    Tim Hunt


    Tim spent money at Rum Runners for over a decade before figuring out his wife would let him spend more time there if he was paid every night. Starting in 2010 after playing one-armed drums to a... read more

  • tommy orr

    Tommy Orr


    Tommy has been performing in a wide variety of musical ventures since the early ‘80s, including rock & roll bands, musical theatre, weddings and various solo gigs. He has been dueling since... read more

  • wes3

    Wes Heath


    I’ve toured the U.S. and Europe. Been at Rum Runners since 2006.

    read more
  • WillHamlin

    Will Hamlin

    "Will Hamlin"

    Will is one of the most popular performers at our FT. Wayne, IN location, you can always find Will rocking and rolling on stage.

    Personal Quote: Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

    read more
  • Tom Mata Picture

    Tom Mata

    "Tom Mata"

    Tom began playing guitar when he was 14 and started his first band, Firethorn Drive, at age 16. After a brief time away from the scene, Tom began playing in a band called Blissfield in 2010.... read more

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