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Rum Runners News

VIDEO: Two local favorites duel it out… on pianos!

January 22,2016

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WJHG) - Dueling is no longer legal in the U.S., unless your weapon of choice is a piano. Two best friends go head to head, but find the “keys” to getting along are at their fingertips.

For Jason Brady and Brad Thoreson tickling the ivory at Rum Runners in Pier Park tickles the fancy of just about everyone who sets foot in the establishment

“It’s the most exhilarating thing when you just look out at people and see them smiling and having a good time,” said Brady.

It’s magic, and if you have a couple tables throughout the room of groups having a good time, the energy just starts bouncing between them,” said Thoreson. “And whether you want to have a good time or not, you end up having it.”

And you can’t help but sing along. The music is familiar, the vibe infectious.

“They’re fantastic,” said Anita Sherrer of Panama City Beach. “I’ve been to dueling pianos before, but I’ve never been to dueling pianos the variety show, and they’re just so much fun.”

“I’ve had so much fun,” said Vicki Bynum of Panama City Beach. “I think they’ve added a couple of years to my life. I have never laughed so much.”

“Man, it is a great experience having those guys,” said Rum Runners General Manager Cody Parker. “It’s not very often where you get to be dealt a hand where you have the same guys over and over and then add other people into it. It’s normally a cluster of different musicians coming together.”

Jason and Brad not only play together, they live together as well. Roommates who share a home and a love for the baby grands.

“We’ve gotten to know each other and everything,” said Thoreson. “We complete sentences for each other on stage, kind of a Penn and Teller situation.”

“No guns have been pulled on each other so that’s good,” said a laughing Brady.

And they also don’t pull any punches when you ask them how much they love their jobs.

“Couldn’t see myself doing anything else in the world,” said Brady. “It’s just… I grew up with it. I grew up with music and this is it. I couldn’t be at a 9 to 5 [job.]”

“I absolutely love it,” said Thoreson. “I’ve loved music all my life. I’m classically trained, but to be able to express it in a setting like this, where we have fun, is the ultimate job.”

And finding that ultimate job seems to strike a chord with just about everybody.

Jason and Brad have been performing at Rum Runners since 2013. You can find them there every Friday and Saturday night from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. They’ll play more nights when the season picks up.

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VIDEO: Satin The Jazz Doll At Rum Runners Lansing!

April 1,2013

On March 29th, Rum Runners hosted a Speakeasy themed Party, with an emphasis on fun outfits, top hats, beads, tiaras, and most importantly — some soul!  Satin The Jazz Doll performed 8 different songs with our Dueling Piano Professionals!  Watch and Enjoy!


Click HERE to check out more videos of Satin the Jazz Doll’s performance at Rum Runners.


VIDEO: Rum Runners Lansing Harlem Shake!

April 1,2013

Rum Runners Lansing filmed their own take on a Harlem Shake video complete with a Dance Off on March 22nd, 2013 — If you want to see what all the fun is about make sure to watch!

Sandestin Location Voted “Best In Destin” For Casual Dining

December 17,2012

We are honored and excited to announce that Rum Runners® has been voted “Best in Destin” for Casual Dining by the readers of Destin Magazine! You can read the full press release.

VIDEO: Rum Runners Lansing – Fox 47 Haunted Halloween Drink Ideas

October 3,2012

Click here to be taken to to submit your drink idea.

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